Saturday, August 14, 2010

It has been a long time.... has been a really long time since I posted- 5 going on 6 months. Where does the time go?! I don't know about you but it goes awfully fast! Summer is almost over and the school year is starting...again. I don't feel particularly ready. Although who says "ready" is a requirement? Time simply keeps marching on.

As I think about the last few months they have been filled with a lot of good things, busy things, and some hard things. John and I have grown a lot these last months, as we have been faced with some difficult circumstances and relationships. Its amazing how connected our growth and trials are!? Take a few minutes and read 1 Peter chapter 1. That seems to be the plan and I've been learning a whole new level of this and honestly, been asking if this REALLY has to be the plan?

What I've seen in me is; I like comfort. I like peaceful times. I like status quo...evidently the Lord likes conformity to His Image. I? I want to say "yes, of course" but looking over some very strategic things in our lives these last few month and what has surfaced in ME, things that are not too pleasing to the Lord...this shows me how much I really like to cling to ME, instead of embracing and leaning into His conformity and His plan to conform.

I don’t know about you but are you learning to lean into His conformity through people and circumstances…through trials? I slowly learning by His grace and I'm also learning to know HIM. Let us learn to lean into Him in all things and let time march on until we see Him face to face and our faith is made sight and our conformity in practicality is perfected-when we see Him!

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