Monday, January 18, 2010

What am I Drinking?!

Ok, so it’s the New Year and as so many of us have decided….I’m trying to be careful, balanced, and wise with my eating. I’ve found several “new” protein drinks that are filled with vitamins, minerals and protein to satisfy my hunger and they really do BUT the one I had this morning tasted horrible!

This morning on my way to a Mom’s in Touch (we pray for our kids in the public schools) I drank one down and I remember thinking…”don’t taste just swallow”. I breathed through my nose and just chugged it. Hunger satisfied…but the cost? Uggg. No wonder this new habit is a hard one for me.

Now, my point is not to have you suggest what protein drink to start swigging BUT to remind us…we swallow all kinds of things in the name of health and I don’t mean literally. What do you swallow or chug, just to get it down? Quiet time? Church? Certain people?

How has the Word of God been hitting you lately? Does it ever seem to be a horrible tasting, just swallow it experience? Or how about someone’s interpretation of it? My sisters, we are not called to just “don’t taste and just swallow” the Truth of the Word. We’re called to examine it…to savor it. We’re called to more than just chugging whatever someone of offering.

This morning it hit me, that if I approach the Word with the same “healthy decision” I am with food, I’ll miss all the enjoyment of the meal. God’s Word is a feast…it is rich, filling, something to be enjoyed and savored. Let’s not approach it as something to just get down or just take what the “experts” are offering for the sake of convenience. Let’s be women who sit at the table of the King and see the bounty and take the time to dig in and be satisfied. Just me thinking…what are you drinking and eating?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What is on my heart….new year 2010

I was recently asked…What is on my heart? That is a really good question to ask ourselves every so often. What is the Lord placing on our hearts? Many times He uses things in my life to speak His Heart to me. I see an extreme amount of brokenness, both brokenness that I can actually see and then the unseen brokenness. First the visible brokenness in families, friends, churches, emotions, conflict, and drama filled lives, self-infliction of wounds (both physical and emotional) and so on. I see a whole lot of just plain broken people and situations.

But then there is the brokenness we don’t see…especially in the Church. I’m afraid I have to call it; the lack of care by the Body towards this seen brokenness. I see among the "less broken" the desire to survive this world unscathed and without dirtying our hands with all the brokenness (especially when it comes to our families and our kids) I see an almost contempt towards the broken- as if they and their situations are disgusting. I even see a “poor thing” mentality towards the broken, along with “awww, poor thing…I’m just so glad it’s not me or mine”. Here is my point; all of this (lack of care and pride) is brokenness as well, it’s just prettier from our perspective.

So 2010 is ringing these types of questions in my heart- Does my heart break for what breaks the Lord’s heart? When was the last time I asked myself what breaks His heart? Doesn’t the sin of pride and self, (even in regards to family preservation) break His heart as much as flagrant sin? Does my life love what He loves? Not just my theology or words but the outpouring of my life…the conviction is strong and begs one last question; why do I cling so tightly to my life, my rights, my desires, my needs, my time, my energy, my “pretty” idols…when there is a lost and broken world, both inside and outside the church walls?