Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I'm done!"...for today

I’m DONE! For today…

One of my “girls” is famous for declaring…”I’m done!” meaning…done with the drama, done with the situation, and more than likely done with a person. I must admit, that phrase has rung true for me more times than I can count on any given day. “I’m done!” The real questionfor me is…done with what?!

A status hit me this evening….from Wes/Laura Spain (thanks again guys!) “Frustration sets in when we focus on sin.” Hmmmm…..yes, it does and that is when I’m most likely to say (in my inside my head voice, of course!), “I’m done!” So what do I need to be done with? It certainly can be the drama…or the situation but people? I don’t think so, if I want to live biblically.

Do I get to just wash my hands of difficult people and be done? I wish…at least sometimes I wish! Do I need boundaries? Of course. Do I need to re-evaluate the situation and the people in the situation? Absolutely, but in a way that is not screaming, “I’m done!” Yep. Easier said than done? Yep again.

So, what do I need to be done with for tonight? Well, for me, I need to be done with me and my need to be heard, understood and right and I need to be done with my focus on the sin and instead focus on the finished work of Jesus and the freedom found only in Christ. He has never said to me or of me, “I’m done!” Praise His Name…His grace is enough.