Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Scarlet Thread of Redemption...

I had a simply sweet and wonderful day…I heard my Mom speak for Ladies Bible Study and she did a wonderful job!! Ok, it was the Lord in her but still it was a huge inspiration to me. My Mom turned 80 this year and she is still…still serving. What an example to me and to all of us! He wants to use us until the day we draw our last breath!

She spoke on Joshua Chapter 2, the story of Rahab, the harlot. She spoke of God wooing (calling her to love Him) her to Himself and the scarlet thread of redemption, just like the scarlet cord that hung from her window. It is a wonderful story of faith and redemption! I have to share one quick thing. My mom and I worked together for 15 years in the family business and we had a blast together. In the last couple of years we were open to the public (we started out as a wholesale only company) and we made great friends along the way with lots of women!

Anyway, this morning a former customer was at Bible Study and heard my Mom speak. She shared with me afterwards that she needed the timely and encouraging word and it ministered to her heart. That ministry started years ago…when she was our customer! How cool is that? My Mom was used years ago in this women’s life as a store-owner and now as a speaker! What a wonderful scarlet thread of redemption…of the story of Christ meeting people right where they are, of wooing them. He is wooing our friend! He is wooing you. Whether you know it or not, He has a scarlet thread of redemption in your life too. In your life and in the lives of those you touch…He wants to use you, until you draw your last breath!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This morning I drove around Laporte…seeing the Pole. Today was the national “See you at the Pole”, student led prayer around the flagpole event. I always get teary…it deeply touches my heart to see 100+ kids gathered around the flagpole to pray at a public school.

This year’s theme was…engage. I’ve thought about that word all day. Honestly, I’m struggling. I have kids in 11th, 7th and 2nd grade and honestly, ENGAGING is the last thing on my motherly mind…DISENGAGING is more like it! I want to build walls and protect. I want to see them come through their teen years unscathed…you know no drugs, no alcohol, no sex…hard working, good grades and so on and so forth. Hear my heart, those are not bad things, of course they are not bad things BUT what about being Godly? What about loving what our Lord loves? What about engaging with a really lost and dying world…engaging a sea of faces, with names?

What am I teaching my kids as I engage or disengage in my world…my sea of faces, with names? Engage. Is my goal just to be unscathed by the world…or to engage the world, with the only True message of Hope? I loved this morning. It inspires me. My heart is so full with the desire to see those kids engage- being in the world, engaging BUT not of the world…to see them know exactly who they are in Christ. Engage.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bag...

I must tell you a sweet, sweet story- 17 years ago or so I sat in a Chinese restaurant in Minnesota, with my Mom and 2 sisters…celebrating my oldest sister’s 40th Birthday. We ate well and sat drinking our “Birthday” tea. As we enjoyed the time…the conversation turned to gifts. What would she LOVE to have? What would be a great “marker” for her 40th Birthday? In a moment of sheer unguarded clarity she spoke…”A Coach purse.” We laughed and oohhhh and ahhhhhed and then…my mother said, “Let’s go get one, right now.”

Now, you have to understand, my mother is a Great Depression Era child, she is a seriously NON-frivolous person. She re-uses foil! Not knocking the foil re-use…I do it too, sometimes. But you have to understand, the last person IN THE WORLD who would buy a $200ish purse would be my Mom! That was simply unheard of!

No joke, we paid the bill at the restaurant and we marched right up to the Couch counter, in Macy’s (I think it was Macy’s, or some department store) and my mother plunked down the money for a brand new Coach purse for my sister’s 40th. Unbelievable.

That was the beginning of a family tradition…we did the same thing 2 years later for my other sister’s 40th. And baby Mandi? She wouldn’t be turning 40 for quite some time, so she got a knock-off at a flea market. :) I must tell you, I’m really not that big of a Coach fan, or a $200 purse fan.

Anyway, this summer I turned 40 and low and behold my Mom, sisters and I found ourselves at the Coach outlet. HMMMM….honestly, we were there because of my niece and I really had no idea we would be looking for me! As my Mom came up to me and said, “Well, which one do you want? “ I was really quite dumbfounded…not to sound ungrateful but I really didn’t WANT a Coach purse!

I looked around…handled a few purses and was getting ready to settle for one when my sister brought me a sleek black Coach briefcase-satchel-like-thing, she said; “Wouldn’t this be great for all your Bible Study stuff?” My Mom looked at me and said to me something like, “That’s the one.”

I don’t think I can put into words what it meant to me to have my mom buy something so extravagant for what I have been called to do. To Teach. We talked about it later…she was so pleased to “invest” in a bag that would carry the Word and be a help to me, as I minister the Word to women.

My Mom turned 80 this year, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have her in my life, but her extravagant purchase of tradition, for my 40th, meant the world to me. I’ll think of her always as I carry my bag week by week. When you see me in class don’t notice the bag, but remember what the bag contains. What it contains is worth all the investment in the world. Had to tell you my sweet, sweet story…thanks Mom.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall 2009 Bible Study..."The Relationship"

Fall 2009 Bible Study "The Relationship"....5 distinct parts, yet all connected! Trying out the web-cam and no I don't have anything in my eye...evidently I just like to blink and talk with my eyes! I don't really think anyone looks at this anyway, so I'm going out on a limb and posting it! I need to seriously work on my promo skills! By the way, at the end...I meant to say "join me" but I crossed it with "enjoy" and got..."en-join me!" LOL!! Seriously though, I am excited about Bible Study this year. Obviously...there is no video. Darn. It wouldn't upload. You'll just have to trust me, it was a hoot! Still excited about Bible Study, hope you can come!