Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm tired of fighting...

I’m tired of fighting, everything. My flesh, this world, this world system…I’m tired of fighting people and philosophies. I’m just plain tired. Do I need to say more?

Why does it seem like this time of the year, the supposed “most wonderful time of the year” seems to be filled with more internal fighting each year? I just don’t get it! I want to just be at ease and go with the flow and be happy, for crying out loud- "it's the most wonderful time of the year!" or is it? Instead I just feel an inner turmoil- I’m fighting.

Is it my expectations? Or lack of them? Ok, realistically, I don’t think I ever struggle with LACK of expectations! I’m really not trying to be a total scrooge but is it horrible that I just want the holiday’s to be over!? Don’t tell my family!

SOOOOOOO, as I’m purging here, I realize how much of a perspective shift I need. How much I need to continue, even in ALLLLLL the busyness, to look up! To live up. Or should I say, because of Ephesians 2:6 where Paul says, as believers we are “seated in the heavenly places, In Christ”…I need to live looking down.

I need to live, by faith, where in reality I really am- in Him, in the heavenly places. I guess that does give me a much bigger perspective about this fighting feeling, huh? It gives me a bigger perspective, in general. Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is here again…already!? Where does the time go? Honestly, this year has been a blur-the older I get the faster it goes. I know this principal is true, I’ve heard it all my life and now that I’m middle aged, I see the reality of it! Time flies and not just when you are having fun. It flies regardless.

I wonder if it seemed to fly as fast 2400ish years ago when the recorded “word of the Lord” ceased and there was 400 years of silence in the nation of Israel. Did time seem to stand still or fly when this people were seemingly abandoned by YHWH as the Greeks and Romans ruled? Sure, false prophets spoke in the name of the Lord but He was silent- for 400 years.

Until…the exact right time! Galatians 4:4-5 says, “But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoptions as sons.” God spoke through His One and Only Begotten Son- He spoke the ultimate message of Grace, Mercy and Hope. God’s wrath against sin and His Holiness would be met by Himself- by a baby born to die…born under the Law in order to grow into a man to fulfill the Law and then die under the penalty of the Law. He died to sin. He became the sin.

Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world.” These are the last days…God spoke through Jesus, His message of Truth. He is over all and He redeemed us- He finished it all. A baby, under the Law…grown into a man- fully God and fully man…the Way, Truth and Life. In these last days, may we remember God’s message of Grace and Truth- His message to a lost and dying world, His message of Hope and Peace. Time flies. May we remember our lives are simply a vapor or a mist, here and then gone. May we be women who live in these last days with the Hope, Grace and Peace only He can give. Merry Christmas, in this His Season!