Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Mom...

My Mom turned 80 today…amazing, how did she get that old!? I just hope I’m a lot like her in 40 years. She is sharp, active, loves life-family and Jesus. She is truly an amazing woman. I spent the day celebrating, watching, asking reminiscent questions and listening to her answers. Wow, it was fun and I loved it. I have heard all this before, but listening to her again, my how things have changed in 80 years.

Here is a few things that she shared...She was born in the year of the stock market crash 1929, the year the Great Depression hit our country. They had no telephone…they “shared” with a neighbor. They did have running water and electricity but no refrigerator, just an icebox….a literal box that held ice! My grandmother had 3 sons and the nun at the hospital promised my grandmother if she had the baby before midnight it would be a girl and if after midnight a boy. Well, my mom was born at 11:54pm….and my grandmother had her girl! Go figure!

Life was simple and my mom has seen so much in 80 years…I can only imagine that I will see and have seen so much too. Life and time just flies by. Only a few things last…may we be like my Mom and invest in things that WILL last.