Thursday, April 17, 2014

May this Cup...

Today is the day that we celebrate, remember the last hours before Christ was betrayed....and the Last Supper.  This night that He is in the garden asking the Father if there is any other way.  Was there?  No.

  The freedom from sin's penality and sin's power could only be broken and conqoured by the blood and body of the Lamb of God.  His blood for the forgiveness of sins....because without the shedding of blood (blood represents life) there can be no forgiveness.  His body, pure holy acceptable....nailed to the Cross, cursed of God and becoming sin in order to break the power of sin's hold.

  The blood covers, propitiates, satisifes for the purpose of removal all of our sin.  The Cross nails in place and renders powerless this old nature of Adam's race.  The gospel give life both to the living dead in their sin but also the power of life to live now as new creations....a new race of imagebearers.  

Oh the glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Was there any other way?  Any other cup to be consumed?  No.  Praise Jesus' name, person and work.....HE drank the cup to completion.  Oh thank you Jesus for that gift of grace.  Now it is a question of He and His work enough?  Yes!  By faith, YES!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Day

Yesterday was warm and sunny...75 degrees although windy. Very windy. This morning it's cold and rainy. Winter coat cold and rainy. Just like the weather life can and often times is unpredictable and ever changing. That's why when waking up my mood and disposition can't solely be based on weather conditions .....or life conditions.  Hope needs to be based on something....someOne far more stable, secure and unchanging. As hope is placed correctly then my mood and disposition can, should and many times is corrected. Jesus and Him alone is that secure Hope

Friday, April 4, 2014


This week is spring break....taking my Mags to South Carolina to visit family. Going to have lots of opportunity to build...or tear down....or do nothing. Thinking about the opportunity to build into the relationships that I have. It takes time, effort, Praying I take the opportunity to heart and then to action. What are you going to build into this week?