Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This morning I drove around Laporte…seeing the Pole. Today was the national “See you at the Pole”, student led prayer around the flagpole event. I always get teary…it deeply touches my heart to see 100+ kids gathered around the flagpole to pray at a public school.

This year’s theme was…engage. I’ve thought about that word all day. Honestly, I’m struggling. I have kids in 11th, 7th and 2nd grade and honestly, ENGAGING is the last thing on my motherly mind…DISENGAGING is more like it! I want to build walls and protect. I want to see them come through their teen years unscathed…you know no drugs, no alcohol, no sex…hard working, good grades and so on and so forth. Hear my heart, those are not bad things, of course they are not bad things BUT what about being Godly? What about loving what our Lord loves? What about engaging with a really lost and dying world…engaging a sea of faces, with names?

What am I teaching my kids as I engage or disengage in my world…my sea of faces, with names? Engage. Is my goal just to be unscathed by the world…or to engage the world, with the only True message of Hope? I loved this morning. It inspires me. My heart is so full with the desire to see those kids engage- being in the world, engaging BUT not of the world…to see them know exactly who they are in Christ. Engage.

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