Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeds...into Flowers.

Maggie got some seeds somewhere...I can't remember exactly when or where. I'm not very good at the whole garden/planting thing, but I do enjoy looking at the flowers. I'm just not very good at growing anything but weeds!

So back in the summer, Maggie "planted" some seeds. Literally, she threw them on a dirt patch by the front of our porch. Well, low and October zinnias are growing. Those seeds, without any care on our part, they grew and we actually have a producing zinnia plant. It's amazing.

I can't help but smile and be amazed at the same time, every time I pass the plant. It looks really random and definitely out of place, but the plant really is beautiful. Just when I think all the blossoms are done, another pops up. Wow, it's amazing.

I'm reminded of just how many things in my life may seem random or out of place to some seeds seem to be scattered carelessly but really are growing into something beautiful. I'm reminded that the Lord is not careless or seemingly uninvolved (like I am with my gardening ability!), He is tending, sowing, weeding, watering, growing...pruning.

So many times, I can get sidetracked by what I perceive as lack of growth. When in reality there are beautiful blossoming plants and all kinds of seeds growing in various stages and places. I need to take the time to notice, smile and be amazed by what the Master Gardener is doing in the garden of my life, in an unlikely season and unlikely place. Sit back and look at your matter what it may look like to you, He is gardening in this season.


Anonymous said...

How very cool it is!! Thank you for sharing. It just reminds me that when I sow His seed it will take root somewhere and do something beautiful for HIS names sake. Give maggie some bibs and a hoe and let er' go a seedin' ; )

Mandi said...

You have been tagged, go to my blog and see details.