Thursday, October 23, 2008

$ spare!

I just have to give a word of testimony of how Great and Big our God is...even in the small things. Our family is a ministry family, my husband is in full-time paid ministry and I...well, I do ministry and the Lord has made it VERY clear that I am just to "do" ministry and He will see that I'm "paid". He provides every month but I'll admit it is not an easy way to live.

I have to share with you, this month we were $96.25 short of making our bills. There you have it, that is the black and white of it. I got up this morning first thing, before I even spent any quiet time with the Lord, and immediately checked our bank account, online. I was trying not to be stressed but we needed the money by tomorrow and know. :)

Anyway, I did the math twice, three Maggie to school, went to the bank with one deposit and then the store for our groceries (which was paid for, with a "love-gift" from one of my classes! See the Lord providing!?) came back home and did the math again...just checking for any spare money, sure enough $96.25 short.

I wish I could tell you that I got on my knees with a wash of sunlight pouring down upon me and, instead I sighed, got up and went to the mail box. There was a $100.00 check in the mail. Now, you have to understand...I really am not that surprised. I could tell you story upon story of how the Lord has and does provide for us BUT isn't that just amazing?!? I'm learning to share with others what He does! He Provides.

$3.75 to's the thing, I have a dinner appointment tonight at Wendy's with one of my Bible Study girls, $3.75 isn't just a little extra, it is just perfect, they have a great $1 menu!

"Thank you Lord, for all You do in Your sheer Amazing Grace. We don't deserve it...I'm overwhelmed. I'm humbled. Thank you. Praise Your Mighty Name. YOU are enough"


Anonymous said...

You should always be surprised and amazed when a monetary gift arrives in the mail - the Lord takes care of His own.

Whenever I'm in need, the Lord always provides. The gift is unexpected, and always comes at the right time. When this happens I feel so blessed. It is a confirmation from God that He is taking care of us.

Mandi Cornett said...

Thanks Diane....He is our Provider! Praise His Name!! We are so blessed!