Friday, August 29, 2008

Fairy Tale Endings....

Is there such a thing as a fairy-tale ending? I just finished watching Enchanted...a modern day princess fairy-tale. It got me to thinking. How many of us have hoped and dreamed that there was? How many of us have spent tons of time (or at least a fair amount of time) discontented because our lives have not been so fairy-tale like? Let's be honest, some (maybe quite a few) of our expectations have gone unmet. I sure have...I celebrated 18 years of marriage this week. I love my husband and I really wouldn't trade him for anyone or anything for him but the last 18 years are not what I would call a fairy-tale. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been horrible or anything...just normal.

As a little girl and even into my twenties...I had dreamed that my life would become like a fairy-tale...or at least like "Leave it to Beaver." (yes, I'm dating myself!) But real, grown-up life was not like that. It was and is at times very difficult. Don't get me wrong, life is good and life in Christ is wonderful but somehow living in this world with my very,very strong flesh and constant misplaced expectations...well, real life is complicated. The Lord has redeemed so much of me, my marriage and my husband (he truly is a a wonderful, growing, Godly man) but my point isn't to talk about him and us but about my unrealistic expectations...that have stolen so much from my heart.

Do you ever feel the tearing between the two worlds? This physical life and the Life of the Spirit...the life that the Lord said was suppose to be abundant? What does that "abundant life" of John 10 really look like? Let's connect the dots from a Scriptural standpoint, look for a moment at John 10:1-18 and see its context...the context of sheep, thieves, robbers, other shepherds and a Good Shepherd that was going to lay down His life for His Sheep. By the way, does that sound much like a fairy-tale ending? I don't think so. He is going to take His life up again, but the process of the laying down was not going to be pretty.

Please hear (OK, read) my heart...I'm not trying to blow the whole fairy-tale idea out of the water we ever build our expectations based on those fairy-tales? Honestly, I'm afraid, for me, that is true too. Maybe listening to my fairy-tale hopes is like my listening to the thief and robber...who are out to steal some of that "abundant Life" that is available from my Good Shepherd. Interesting...just me thinking. If I get devoted to the expectations of the "fairy-tale" life...then am I really listening to the Shepherd? Or am I just caught up in the voices of the world's fairy-tales and the thieves are climbing over to rob, steal and kill?

I need to constantly be learning and getting to know the voice of the Shepherd, so that I can follow His voice. Ending in a fairy-tale? No. But result is the "abundant life" and becoming a sheep who knows the Shepherd's voice and follows. By the way, as two sheep...the married ones, individually follow the Shepherd's voice, they will find a peaceful and unified ending. That is what this sheep is slowly finding...but it is only found by me, knowing and listening to the Good Shepherd and not listening to the world's version of the fairy-tale ending.

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Mandi said...

Just got your comment. How in the world did you come about my blog. I have read some of your post and I would love to do one of your bible studies. Can someone in TN get your books? I do not beleive in coincideces I know there is purpose in everything, so there is a reason you posted on my blog.