Sunday, September 11, 2016

Out of the and exciting things!

New exciting developments!

New things are always exciting, right? Well, not all things. I’ve been battling an itchy spreading rash for the last four months. No worries, it's not contagious!! After several rounds of high dose steroids...which made me hungry and more cranky, than usual!

The doctor had me go “fragrance free” for a month, that was super fun! Talk about lame-o! No good smelling soaps, hair products or perfumes. You know the drill. So, I endured being hungry, cranky and smelly for several months to finally be patch tested. Again, super fun!

Now, for the exciting news! Drum roll please!

I’m allergic to the dye dispersed blue number 106, which is evidently in EVERYTHING!

Lol, on the upside, I can still look at blue and even eat it (not that I eat much blue). I simply can’t wear any dark colors, at all- black, blue, purple, green, turquoise and so on are out, at least for awhile!  No shades of blue at all, and anything this blue dye could be in. Oh, I can wear men's Levi's 501, there is a sporty look for me! 

I absolutely love and wear blue- all the time!

SO, my new color is taupe, tan, beige, white and shall I say…off white. I can where red, orange and yellows! I can wear some pink, if it is cool pink…not sure what cool pink is?!? Pastels too, I think! We will see! Yes, fall and winter is coming and I'll be in winter white and taupe! Oh, and possibly hot pink. John says I look like Pepto-Bismol. 

Out of the blue, no pun intended…I’m allergic to blue. Go figure!  It's new. It's lame. It's really not that big of a deal, it's just a pain.

But, it has made me realize how much I like to do what I want to do. I like my way. I want to wear what I want to wear.  It's made me realize how some very petty little things, when taken away, seem more important than they should. This silliness has shown me a bit of a window into my heart. Out of the blue... 


Moringa India said...
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Unknown said...

Oh Mandi..I'm allergic to blue too! Pills...but never thought about clothes..laundry soap. I've been going crazy itching...wearing Cubs blue and blue for thought Thanks for posting

Mandi Cornett said...

Thanks! So sorry...for you too :)