Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have gotten myself into trouble…again.

SO, Maggie is 7 and I noticed over the last week or so she has been saying the phrase, “Dang it” and I decided it was time to address it- to use this phrase as a “teaching moment”. In casual conversation, I explained that “Dang it” is short for “Damn it” (which she knows is a bad word) and it is probably best if we don’t use this phrase.

She asked what does that “Damn it” mean. Well, in my infinite wisdom I gave a rather lengthy explanation and then explained in essence, “It means to send someone to hell…and you wouldn’t want to say that to someone, would you?” After the horrified look left her face, we both agreed that is not what she wants! And to my relief she agreed, that was not what she wanted to communicate and she would choose another phrase.

Great “teaching” moment right? Talking “real”. Talking truth. Not putting my head in the sand and just letting the issue pass! I was so proud of myself EXCEPT, now, she has gotten confused…she has said “Damn it” at least two times in my hearing and this morning while putting on her shoes for school…said, “Now, I’m allowed to say Damn it ,right? Or wait, what is it that I’m suppose to say!? I’m just so confused”

Can you believe it?! It is just too NOT funny! UGGG! Talk about taking a mole hill and making it into a mountain- I over explained (shocker)! Now, my 7 year old knows TOO much and she just doesn’t know what to do with it! I told her to skip any word that starts with a “D”. How’s that for a plan?

Funny in a childhood kind of way and interesting…but it reminds me of how patiently the Lord deals with us and how our learning curves are very personalized by Him. He knows when to correct and instruct and His “teaching moments” are always on time and in the right perspective- with just the right amount of information. Oh how He loves us and leads us…oh how He grows us up! Maggie will be fine, I know, and this will pass but may I not pass on the lessons that the Lord wants to show me that parallel in my life.

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