Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lunacy "down on the farm"....

I went to dinner at an undisclosed restaurant (we’ll just call it the restaurant, “down on the farm”) in an undisclosed location this last weekend, and let me say…it was quite the adventure or should I say, disaster. Literally, there must have been 10 under the age of 18 (all looking like they were 12) young women running (or should I say not running) this restaurant. It was awful.

These poor girls simply walked around in circles, looking like deer in the headlights. I can honestly say, I don’t think I have EVER had such poor and lengthy service…we were literally there 1 ½ hours and they got the meal wrong. We waited and waited and waited for missing food-untoasted bread-no potatoes and well…you get the point. It was terrible service.

The kitchen manager finally came out…after another table left because they were all served the wrong food, asking us how our meal was going. My host kindly told him of the lunacy “down on the farm”- we received our incomplete meal (one of our guests never did get her food!) Free of charge. Trust me, it was the least they could do! It really did turn comical after a while. Ugg.

I really did feel sorry for our young waitress, bless her heart, that looked like she was 12. I do have a point here….even though the meal itself was awful the company was great! I had the privilege of listening and learning about my host family and I must tell you it was beautiful! This family is a masterpiece. They all came to know the Lord later in life and watching and listening…the Lord has done marvelous things in all of them.

I learned a wonderful lesson of grace that evening…as we were leaving. My host motioned for our terrified 12 year old waitress to come to him…and he handed her a $10 bill. She hadn’t earned it. She didn’t deserve it. Frankly, she stunk at her job and I think she should definitely stay in school so that she can try another career BUT here this man who now has Jesus living in him…graced her. Freely gave her what she did not deserve. It was truly a beautiful picture. One I’m sure he has and is learning from his Master. My host extended grace in the midst of the lunacy “down on the farm”. Thank you for a great example and reminder of grace!

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Bel said...

Exactly perfect! Giving to others who don't deserve it. Grace and mercy, washing another's feet when they will stab you in the back within hours....yes, that is what being a Christian is all about!