Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eating Peanut Butter on a Rice Cake, in the Car, on a Snowy Day...

Eating peanut butter on a rice cake, in the car, on a snowy day...that is how my morning started. I was on my way to teach class this morning and I usually eat my breakfast in the car (yes, I am always late and multitasking). This morning was no exception. Except, I choose a rice cake and it was a very snowy day. Driving slowly and carefully and eating my peanut butter rice cake. Not a good scenario. Why you might ask? Well, rice cakes are... how shall we say...rather crumbly. And as I'm driving and eating my rice cake, crumblies (is that a word?) are falling all around. I was rather distracted by this...I hope you seeing my dilemma, on a snowy day.

Silly? Yes, I know. But I do have a point, really. I had to literally tell my self, "Let the crumblies go!" (I spoke to myself in my head...I'm not totally crazy!) I can deal with the mess later, when I'm safe and not driving on a snowy day. So I did just that and made it to Bible Study just fine and on time. Whew. The crumblies got taken care of and all was well.

Does life ever throw you a few "crumblies"? At a particularly difficult time or place...or "inclement weather" season of life? Can you relate to being totally sidetracked with cleaning up the "crumblies" turn, putting real serious issues at risk? Do you need to hear the words;"Let it go". There are so many things in my everyday life that I really need to treat as a "crumblie". I need to let them go...they will be there later. So few things really last and so much is at stake.

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