Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 Things...

2 Things… Well, I can hardly believe that it’s Thanksgiving week!? Really?? Where has the time gone? I know you feel my pain…it really is true; time seems to go faster the older we get. Evidently, I’m older now! So in my colored blond-highlighted grayness (I’m really not grey, YET!) I would like to ask you to consider 2 things this week. 2 things I hope you will really think about pray about and commit to be intentional about. Ready?! 1. Think about what you think about and how you interact with others this Thanksgiving. Face it, SOMEONE with annoy you. Most, if not all (and frankly I’d consider calling you a liar if you don’t agree with “all”), have some form of “drama” or “tension” at the holidays….either outwardly or inwardly. Whether it is an expectation that goes unmet and our response to it, like the turkey not being done on time or a snarky comment made; we will ALL face something or someone that requires grace. Grace. Would you consider taking some time with the Lord and asking Him to fill you with His grace, grace to be extended to others? I’ll just be really honest with you, if I am not intentional about my walk with Jesus….about living by grace and being led of the Holy Spirit it does not just accidently happen. I’ll accidently get through Thanksgiving and be thankful that I didn’t SAY what I was thinking….maybe this year He wants to transform even my thinking into Grace-filled Holy Spirit led living (and thinking)? 2. Most of us will interact with family members at Thanksgiving and most of us have someone in our family that we love but who also needs Jesus, either to know Him for the first time or to grow in knowing Him….if you don’t give me a call! Would you consider being really intentional this Thanksgiving? Be bold. Look and even ask the Lord for an opportunity to “turn the corner” in a conversation with them, to things of the Lord? I’m not talking about beating someone over the head with a turkey drum….but my sisters, sharing our faith….sharing Biblical hope…sharing the Good News of Jesus and the truth of the Word is not only necessary but it is also our calling! Times are hard…life is hard and frankly, I really don’t think things of THIS world are going to get better. Where is the hope if not in Jesus?! Look and ask the Lord to make this Thanksgiving one filled with His Purpose…not just filled with food, fun times and memories. Those things are awesome but those things do not redeem the time and the time is short. Well, there are the 2 things to consider this week….to pray about and to decide if we will submit to the Lord. Praying for you right now….pray for me too? We are all running a faith race….may this leg of the race through Thanksgiving week be redeemed and filled with His Purposes! Don't forget....this applies to friends, family, the grocery store and Black Friday shopping :)

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