Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fabric...Ephesians 2:1-10

What are your thoughts filled with? Doubts? Fears? Plain old life? Are they fill with the knowledge that you are part of God’s Workmanship… His masterpiece. His fabric.

How do you think He feels about His work? Do you think God is just half-heartedly or haphazardly throwing your life together? WE, all believers in Christ, are part of His workmanship… what does that thinking do for your sense of value? What should it do?

So, let’s think for a minute, believers are all part of this fabric, which is a masterpiece. Have you ever cut fabric? Have you seen how it is woven closely together and then you see the threads? You and I are the “threads” of the fabric masterpiece… a masterpiece that spans history, age, ethnic groups and so on… just a thread. Now before you think your thread doesn’t matter, how difficult is it to keep the fabric all together if the threads won’t stay together? When it starts to fray...

God is creating a HUGE masterpiece that each and every believer is part of… and by the way, every believer has a role to play too! Your thread matters. You matter. It’s not all about you but it is also not ,not about you. Get it?

You are part of His masterpiece, His workmanship, His fabric… by grace and by faith. Oh my sisters, you have such value, such purpose, you are so loved and cherished… you are priceless and He is absolutely positive He can make His masterpiece, using you. He is absolutely sure He can restore you… you were dead, an enemy, lost and now you have been found, redeemed, remade, and infused with value and purpose by His Grace and faith… His workmanship, His masterpiece… walk in that grace and walk in faith, He has work and a walk for you-be Filled with that kind of intention and purpose! Filled with His purpose.

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