Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Stew

I have always and will always hate stew. Sorry for all your stew fans but from my earliest memories of stew I have hated it! My dad and I even came up with a code when it was “stew night” and we managed to almost ALWAYS avoid it…that is probably why my mom still has cool whip containers filled with stew in the freezer while we speak/write! Just kidding, kinda! Well, I’ve been thinking about stew. The question is what kind of stew!

So, this past weekend I had the privilege of going to the TieUsTogether Conference in Valparaiso and it was great! (Thanks Jackie for all your hard work!) Jan Silvious was the Keynote speaker and she talked a lot about wisdom and how that applies to our life, she did a great job too! (Thanks Jan too) She talked about Joshua 6 and the idea of needing to “Pay attention, you have never been this way before.” Meaning, every day…every situation really is new and we need to always pay attention to the Lord because WE haven’t been there before, He has though. (I know you are wondering what in the world this has to do with stew! I’m getting there!)

Anyway, she posed the question in her last session, “what can we run into when we have ‘never been this way before’?” This first thing she mentioned was our family issue…or if I may, the “pot we stewed in”.  See my stew thoughts?? I’ve been pondering it since Saturday…how many things, maybe family things, or church things, emotional things, default reactions in my life are just beliefs or knee-jerk reactions to the things I have “stewed” in?

You know, “things have just always been that way or this is just how I am” kind of thinking, it just all kind of melds together and mushes together…like stew. All the parts just kind of cling to the flavor of the stew. How much of how I live life is a reflection on my flavor of stew?

I’ve really been thinking on that…does my flavor taste like me or my family or my denomination OR of Jesus? I don’t hate the “Jesus Stew” but I do want to reflect on what other “flavors” my life might be giving the flavor of….just me thinking!

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