Friday, April 17, 2009

I Don't "One Two"!

My daughter is almost 7 and I was just reminiscing about her young life this morning. When she was just a toddler one of her cute phrases was..."I don't one two". What she really meant was "I don't want to." Well, the phrase, "I don't one two" stuck and John and I laugh thinking about her sweet voice saying it to this day.  Funny how those cute phrases from childhood stick with you!

I was just telling the Lord this morning something...."I don't one two" do. I don't want to love a particular person.  I don't want to. I know I need to. I know I'm called to but the fact of the matter is...I don't want to. Sometimes we need, like I did this morning, to ask the Lord for the "want to" in things. Things that, I don't want to obey. I don't want to wait in. I don't want fill in the blank. 

 It made me think of Maggie's "I don't one two" phrase.  One....I need to see the need to "want to" in the first place and Two...I need to acknowledge the fact that I can't just suck up the "want to". I need Him to give me the "want to" of this Christian life.  It's His work in me and we have the "one two" He wants to impart to all of us? Are we in the pattern of asking Him to give us His "one two"?  


Unknown said...

I think seeing "the need" & getting "the want to" comes in focusing on the finished work of the Cross. (Uh oh, I am starting to sound like my teacher! :)

Just thinking about what Christ did for me, even though I totally don't deserve it...knowing that that amount of love is poured into me, and lives inside of me now that I'm a new creation...that just blows me away, and it makes any circumstance I'm going through a lot more tolerable. It actually brings me to my knees & all I want to do then is the exact thing that I thought I didn't "one two"!

I love you, my sweet sister in Christ!

Anonymous said...

Jesus never said I don't one two, so I better get some wanting two figured out, (you know meand Him together, because me by myself, WELL I just don't WANT TO) I do know that HE will give us the wanting if we ask, and if it means He loved me so I could go love, well I'll just want two! Love you my friend